Episode 619: How to Move Beyond Imposter Syndrome – Miles Boyer

Our industry has been talking a lot about imposter syndrome in the last few years – when it wasn’t really a point of conversation previously. Why has this issue become mainstream, and how can we move beyond it? Learn more in this conversation with Miles Boyer on the Bokeh Podcast!

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Show Notes:

Is there a point at which we maintain ideals for ourselves, yet accept what is actually our reality? (3:55)

Why is it so normal for most people to be ok in a state of “ok” vs pushing beyond that? (10:30)

How does Miles provide a great customer experience in order to set himself apart? (16:45)

What is a principle that has allowed Miles to manage time more efficiently? (22:10)

Why has “Imposter Syndrome” become such a widespread topic in the industry recently? (40:03)

Definition of Imposter Syndrome (52:40)

What steps can photographers take to move beyond Imposter Syndrome (1:00:25)
1. Focus on your health
2. Surround yourself with a positive community
3. Revisit often what “success” is for you
4. Create a roadmap to get to that level of success

What is the line between “faking it til you make it” and actually just trying to learn as you go? (1:15:30)