Episode 617: How to Connect with Dogs for Powerful Portraits – Carol Arscott

Whether you want to photograph your own dog, or you’re building a dog photography business – there are ways to connect with and photograph that dog to better capture its personality! Listen in to this episode of the Bokeh Podcast with dog photographer Carol Arscott to learn how! 

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Show Notes:

Carol’s introduction (2:00)

What is the backstory to Carol’s dedication to pet photography for rescue dogs? (4:55)

What is a principle that Carol has implemented in her business that helps her maintain a healthy work-life balance (7:15)

What big idea or principle has done the heavy lifting for Carol’s business?(14:45)

Carol explains how she helps dogs feel comfortable in a shoot (19:55)

How does Carol help the dog’s owner feel comfortable? (23:30)

How does Carol figure out the personality of dogs and how to engage with different types? (29:40)

What does it mean to “capture the dog’s soul”? (32:38)

How does Carol set up the shot with the dog and their owner? (40:02)