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Episode 359: How to Think About Pricing During Crisis – Katie Wussow

Are you quick to throw discounts on your services when you need to make money?

In episode 359 of the Bokeh Podcast, Katie Wussow joins us to discuss how you should be pricing yourself not only during a crisis, but all the time. Listen in as she share her opinion on discounting your services and why it’s a bad move for your business.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Good Communication and Simplified Terminology (6:08)

Brand Position: Business coach for creative entrepreneurs, focused on the basics, with a background in finance. (11:25)

Technique for Time: Time blocking everything. (14:41)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Handing off work and training someone does take time and is a skill. (18:59)

Book Recommendations: The Dip by Seth Godin (26:18)

The Truth Behind Discountin; (30:47)

Discounting Services vs. Products (33:50)

Where to Start Pricing During a Crisis:
1. Know your numbers and your margins.
2. Qualify your leads.
3. Connect what you do with your client’s values.

Why You’re Getting Pushback on Your Pricing; (42:26)
1. Your leads aren’t qualified.
2. You’re not helping them understand the value of what you’re providing.

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