Episode 346: How to Plan Your Next Personal Project – Lucy Baber

Are you passionate about making an impact or a difference in your community, but don’t know where to start working on a personal project?

In episode 346 of the Bokeh Podcast, Lucy Baber shares the mission behind why she started her personal project, 100 Black Dads, along with the 9 steps she took (and wished she had) to execute this project she’s so passionate about. If you’re ready to launch your next personal project, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Philly’s FUN Family Photographer (2:15)


Giving Yourself Time to Go Full-Time (9:19)

Advice for Photographers: (11:17)
1. Get a steady income when you go full-time.
2. Prioritize relationships.
3. Prioritize photography conferences.

Technique for Time: Give yourself permission to clock out at a certain time of day for your family. (21:15)

Book Recommendations: (27:39)
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – bit.ly/bp-bigmagic

The Gear Bag: Bandaids: “Emergency Kit” (31:43)

100 Black Dads: Highlighting the loving and nurturing side of black fathers. (34:02)

Steps to Launching Your Personal Project (44:47)
1. Write a mission statement. (45:33)
2. Clearly define your scope and goals. (50:47)
3. Write a press release. (52:42)
4. Determine a budget, availability, and travel needs. (54:56)
5. Apply for grants and sponsorships. (59:16)
6. Consider wardrobe needs for promo interviews.
7. Plan your launch. (1:02:10)
8. Create a mix of easily attainable goals. (1:03:44)
9. Outsource if possible. (1:06:38)

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