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Episode 157: 5 Steps to Better Album Sales – Rae Barnes

Have you struggled to incorporate album sales into your portrait sessions?

In episode 157 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rae Barnes provides ways you can help your client understand the importance of purchasing an album. Listen as she shares her step by step process for photographing, designing, and selling albums with every session.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Don’t multitask, but focus on the work at hand.

Brand Position: Playful portrait photographer for busy parents.

The Lesson: Plan ahead in your business.

The Gear Bag:
Nikon D5 & Nikon D3S

Process to Album Sales:
1. At inquiry, let your client know the most popular item to purchase is the album.
2. During the session, shoot for an album with variety and personal touches.
3. Cull images down to 50 total.
4. In-person slideshow of images and review what is best for the album photos. Share the album options with them to show what they can purchase.
5. Design the album in Smart Album, get approval and upload to Red Tree.

Mentioned in this episode:
Gary Vaynerchuk
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Smart Album
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Website: raebarnes.com
Instagram: instagram.com/raebarnesphoto
Facebook: facebook.com/raebarnesphotography
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