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Episode 393: How Personal Projects Can Help You Build Your Business – Emma O’Brien

Are you so focused on running a successful business that you aren’t creating any personal projects that fuel your passion?

In episode 393 of the Bokeh Podcast, Emma O’Brien joins us to share how personal projects can also benefit and build your business. Listen in as she describes how her passions have grown her business, along with where to start with planning your next personal project.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Portraiture for People Who’s Dogs are Family (:49)

Customer Experience: Taking the time to understand what a client wants from a shoot, deliver it with bells on, and make sure your client is the center of attention. (3:45)

Outsourcing and Delegation: Editing and newsletter marketing (7:34)

Inspiration: Art galleries (12:22)

Book Recommendations: The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron (14:19)

Emma’s Personal Projects: (18:52)
Vegans of South Africa
Rescued Farm Animals
The Black Series

How Passion Projects Effect the Growth of Business (23:14)

The Impact of Work Going Viral (29:32)

Successful Personal Projects: ()
1. It needs to be authentic
2. Make a body of work that sits as a coherent series
3. Self promote

This is Marketing – Seth Godin – bit.ly/bp-thisismarketing

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