Episode 392: How to Go From Volume to Boutique – Elizabeth Austin Davis

Are you currently hustling to do volume weddings while dreaming of making the same money doing fewer, more expensive weddings?

In episode 392 of the Bokeh Podcast, Elizabeth Austin shares about her transition from volume to boutique weddings, along with the path to getting there. Listen in as she share three key components you need to work on to make the transition!

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Show Notes

Client Experience: Having a robust workflow improved client experience. (2:17)

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Technique for Time: Mentally allow yourself to shut down and remove yourself from your business. (9:45)

Delegating/Outsourcing: Hired an admin assistant. Looks at tasks as CEO tasks and operating tasks. (11:10)

Inspiration: Starting a passion project and shooting your family (14:01)

Education Recommendations: The Hybrid Co and WPPI (17:08)

Volume to Boutique (20:03)

Elizabeth’s Pricing (21:03)

Making the Transition (26:33)
1. Rebrand
2. Pricing
3. Editorials