Episode 172: How to Capture the Personality of Pets – Emma O’Brien

Have you wanted to break into the pet photography niche, but struggle with capturing a pet’s personality?

In episode 172 of the Bokeh Podcast, Emma O’Brien shares her journey to becoming a pet photographer. Listen as she shares three big ideas that will help you better capture the personality of a pet.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Be smart in how you schedule yourself.

The Lesson: Not knowing how to price accordingly eventually led to her hiring on a business coach.

The Gear Bag: Nikon D810 with Nikor 20-70 2.8mm

Differences in People vs. Dogs:
1. Dogs come in different levels of training and communication can be complicated with them.
2. Dogs have a very short attention span.
3. Lighting a dog’s face requires more lighting from the from than a human face.

Breaking into the Market:
Connect with charities, vets, and pet shops to shoot free photos to build your network.

3 Ways to Capture a Dog’s Personality:
1. Be extremely patient.
2. Keep snacks and treats on hand (higher end treats, such as chicken or cold meat, work best).
3. Sit at the same level as a dog.

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