Episode 173: How to Think Differently About Posing Couples – Cassandra Zetta

Are you interested in welcoming every couple into your business, but struggle with how to approach posing?

In episode 173 of the Bokeh Podcast, Cassandra Zetta provides possible posing concepts that focus less on gender roles, and more on providing a unique experience – customized to every single couple you photograph. Listen in as she walks through a simple yet practical guide for posing couples!

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Setting up boundaries with off days and work hours.

The Lesson: Money Management – Save money and pay yourself first.

The Gear Bag: Canon 135mm 2.8

Concepts to Consider:
1. Drop your understanding of gender roles and just focus on the couple.
2. Provide open ended instruction rather than assigning each person to pose. This allows the couple to assign their placement based on what feels right for their relationship.
3. Guide the couple in poses that are relatable; similar to things they would do at home like snuggling up to watch a movie.
4. Use reciprocity to ensure both couples are receiving the same amount of affection during your shoot.
5. As you go to pose a couple, ask yourself, “If I reversed the position of each partner, does this pose still work?” If no, consider a different pose.

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