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Episode 217: Establishing a Niche for Your Photography Business – Kaycee Lunde

We’ve all heard the term “niching down,” but have you considered how you could apply the concept to your business?

In episode 215 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kaycee Lunde shares how she combined her passion for farming and photography to find her niche in country weddings. Listen in as Kaycee shares about life on the farm, branding her business to attract her ideal clients, and how you can discover a niche that combines your passions.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Create systems in your business so you can spend more time out of your business.

How to Focus on Being Centered:
Long-range planning and saying no to overbooking yourself.
Take a Sabbatical.
Book a mobile massage therapist to come to you.

Advice for Photographers: Give yourself grace.

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D Mark IV & Canon 6D w/ 70-200mm f2.8 and Sigma Art 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm

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