Episode 338: Marketing with Instagram to Your LOCAL Market – Christine Tremoulet

Does it feel like you’re failing at your Instagram marketing game, because you’re no where near the 10k follower mark? Maybe you have 10k followers, but you’re not booking clients!

In episode 338 of the Bokeh Podcast, Christine Tremoulet joins us to explain how you can implement a successful Instagram strategy in your local market with or without a large following. Listen in as she shares how to adjust your Instagram marketing plan and create more qualified leads locally, through engagement, hashtags, and a little bit of strategy.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Photographer, story strategist, and confidence catalyst.

Draw Clients In That Don’t Know You (13:21)

Marketing on a Global Level (30:40)

Why 10k+ Followers Isn’t an End-All (36:22)

Be Mindful of Your Hashtags (39:04)

Connecting Locally: (41:15)
Who are you following and engaging with? Are they your potential clients?
1. Start connecting with people who match your ideal client, along with the people who comment on their posts.
2. Start connecting with other businesses and add value to those businesses publicly.
3. Make a short list that you can really focus on regularly.

Using Hashtags: (47:57)
1. Don’t just use the ones everyone else is using.
2. Use hashtags that relate to your local market.
3. Use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows.
4. Use Instagram search for hashtag research.

Optional Instagram Strategy: (55:05)
Create a personal account to get inspired by other photographers so that your business account is following and engaging with your target market.


Bonus Content:

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In this bonus clip from episode 338 with Christine Tremoulet, we take a deeper dive into the topic of brand position. Check out this 30 minute conversation where Christine shares practical, actionable, and inspirational advice on defining your brand position!