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Episode 337: How to Incorporate Video Services into Your Photography Brand – Benjamin Davis

As a photographer, are you intimidated by the idea of adding video services to your brand?

In episode 337 of the Bokeh Podcast, Benjamin Davis of Yamean Studios joins us to discuss the benefits of adding video as not only a service, but as a marketing tool. Listen in as he shares a few fun and simple ways you can get started with creating video content at your next session!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Make engaging branded content and thoughtful films centered around experience, energy and perspective. Emotional connection through storytelling; by touching the heart, you can move the mind.

Advice for Photographers: Don’t rush the process. (13:58)

Technique for Time: Dedicate the first 3 hours of the day to you and your family. (18:30)

Content Recommendations: The Studio Sherpas Podcast (21:12)

Videographer vs. Cinematographer (23:57)

The Gear Bag: Cheezits, Christmas lights, and prisms. (25:35)

Detriment if You Don’t Incorporate Video Into Your Brand:
1. Google loves video for the purposes of SEO
2. Video appeals to mobile users.
3. Encourages social shares.
4. Video is psychological with story telling.

Multitasking on Wedding Days (35:16)

Adding Video to Your Photography Business: 
1. Use a mic to get the audio from your session.
2. Put your photos into a slideshow with audio in Final Cut Pro
3. Do some behind the scenes videos during sessions. (Film in horizontal and adjust for other platforms in post).
4. Do testimonials after a session is over.

“By 2021, 87% of the internet will be video.”

Programs & Equipment Mentioned:
Final Cut Pro X – apple.com/final-cut-pro
Filmic Pro – filmicpro.com
GoPro Hero 8 – bit.ly/bp-goprohero8
Lab Mic: Tascam DR 10-L – amzn.to/2PX1ifm

Workshop: yameanstudiosfilms.com/education