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Episode 425: How to Manage Stress as a Photographer – Glen Mitchell

Are you heading into a busy and stressful season in your photography business? Maybe you’re in the middle one now and need to relieve some of that stress.

In episode 425 of the Bokeh Podcast, Glen Mitchell explains all of the factors in your life that impact your stress and how you can manage it. Listen in as he shares his passion for eliminating stress in your life through his Thrive Through Life Health Coaching DESTRESSS Protocol.

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Show Notes

Client Experience: Know your customer and care about them. (5:10)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Outsourcing Editing with Photographer’s Edit (14:54)

Book Recommendations: Jim Rones (18:46)
Ultimate Jim Rohn Library on Audible

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DESTRESSS Protocol (35:10)

Diet (35:55)
East lots of green vegetables, with a little meat.

Exercise (46:28)
Exercise is a stress on the body, depending on your body type, adjust accordingly.

Stress (51:14)

Toxins (1:00:03)

Rest (1:04:42)

Sleep (1:06:12)
1. Stop eating 3 hours before bed.
2. Make your bedroom as dark as possible.
3. Use a wake light alarm to wake you up.
4. Keep your bedroom cool (chillypads and hypoallergenic sheets)
5. Listen to soothing music or white noise.
6. Make the bedroom an electronic free zone.
7. Dim/Warm lighting your bedroom.
8. Supplements for sleep.

Emotional Balance (1:11:25)
9 Toxic Emotions:
1. Bitterness
2. Resentment
3. Discomfort
4. Anger
5. Disappointment
6. Guilt
7. Shame
8. Anxiety
9. Sadness

Supplements (1:20:11)
Glen’s Daily Supplements:
1. Daily Nutritional Support by Equilibrium
2. Omega 3
3. Vitamin D
Other Supplements
1. Vitamin B
2. Magnesium
3. Vitamin C
4. Probiotics
5. Adaptogens

Success Mindset (1:25)
Three Processes of Success Mindset:
1. See it
2. Believe it
3. Achieve it

Principals Glen Lives By (1:26:55)
1. Only concern yourself with things you can control.
2. Things are happening for us, not to us.
3. Always be a student.
4. Be happy with what you have, but open to receiving more.
5. Have a compelling vision for your future.

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