Episode 426: How to Capture Wedding Details Beautifully – Stephanie Kase

Are you providing your couples with beautifully styled detail images from their wedding day?

In episode 426 of the Bokeh Podcast, Stephanie Kase joins us to walk through her workflow for photographing details. Listen in as she also discusses how she educates her couples on what makes beautiful details shots and the role they play in the process.

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Brand Position: Organized, genuine experience for classic couples getting married. (3:27)

Technique for Time: Consider the concept of defined work hours. (9:33)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Outsourcing Editing and Hiring an Assistant (12:15)

Book Recommendations: (17:45)
This is Marketing with Seth Godin


Education & Communication with Couples: Preparation for Photographing Details (21:11)

Styling Kit & Styling Boards (25:30)

Arrive Early to Eliminate Stress (27:35)

Workflow for Photographing Details (30:07)
Photograph the Dress First
Move to Lay Flat Images

Going From Big to Small in Lay Flats (31:31)
Three Main Big Shots (31:44)
1. Invitation Suite
2. Bride’s Details
3. Groom’s Details
Small Shots of Every Detail (32:29)

Getting Variety in the Details (33:20)

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Collaborating with the Florist (38:08)

Camera Gear (39:52)
Sigma Art 50 mm
Tamron 90 mm Macro

Post Production Workflow with Vendors (42:14)

Free Download: 6 Secrets for Photographing Details

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