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Episode 233: IPS for Senior Portraits – Britney Smith

Are you looking to incorporate print sales into your senior portrait sessions while maintaining a boutique experience?

In episode 233 of the Bokeh Podcast, Britney Smith of The Glam Lab Photography provides three key principals for making the transition to in-person sales! Tune in as she walks through her own process and why she decided to make the switch!

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: She had to decide to take time for herself and her business and send her children to daycare for half days. After drop-off, she’ll meditate and journal to get in the right mindset to accomplish tasks for the day.

Book Recommendations: Rich Dad, Poor Dad – bit.ly/bp-richdad-poordad

Advice for Photographers: You need to charge your worth in order to run a successful photography business.

The Gear Bag: Canon 6D w/ 85 mm 1.4

The IPS Process:
1. Have a consultation to discuss how it works, expectations, and get to know each other.
2. Capture the photoshoot with intent of delivering 25-30 images to the client.
3. Send over 2 sneak peaks.
4. Two weeks later, reveal their images via slideshow at Premier Ordering Session (or IPS session) for the first time.
5. During ordering session, label images as Favorite, Maybe, and No’s.
3. Determine the products that they’d like to order for themselves, then allow add-ons after they hit the minimum ordering fee.
4. Determine the products that they’d like to order for their family members.

1. Build a relationship with your clients.
2. Remind your clients of the value of prints and products.
3. Do not undercut yourself.