Episode 232: Snapshot: Becoming an Action Sports Photographer – Erin Hogue

Do you dream of photographing professional athletes in their element while exploring some of the most beautiful places in the world?

In episode 232 of the Bokeh Podcast, action sports photographer Erin Hogue shares her advice on how to break into the sports photography industry, and what challenges you can expect to face in this niche!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Action, Adventure, and Lifestyle Photographer

Advice for Photographers: Never stop or underestimate your value.

The Gear Bag: 70-200mm & Sony A9 (Weather-sealed)

Top Three Challenges of Action Sports Photography:
1. The Gear Needs to Hold Up in Conditions
2. Getting to Locations for Shooting
3. Be Able to Show Your Value in a Competitive Industry

How to Break Into Action Sports Photography:
1. Start shooting in the parks/places that host the sport you’re looking to focus on.
2. Build relationships with the athletes that you want to work with.