Episode 483: How to Use Mini Sessions to Grow Your Business – Phillip and Eileen Blume

Can mini sessions actually be the foundation of a successful photography business? Isn’t their focus to fill in the gaps between seasons, or a way to offer more holiday photo opportunities for clients?

Don’t let the word “mini” fool you! In episode 483 of The Bokeh Podcast, Phillip and Eileen Blume share how they transitioned their photography business from wedding-centric to mini-session-focused, and grew their business as a result!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: (11:00)
Celebrating lives at their most important moments

Providing a Great Customer Experience: (26:00)
Focus on the client, putting them at the forefront

Time Management: (34:28)
Intentional scheduling of time

Outsourcing/delegation (39:08)

Book Recommendations: (45:00)
Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller
Essentialism by Greg McKeown

How The Blume’s Entered the Mini Session Market (51:40)

Advantages to Mini Sessions: (58:52)
1.  Connecting with more clients
2.  Time – for both the photographer and client
3.  Perfect amount of time for children/family

Steps to developing a mini session business: (1:02:52)
1.  Create urgency and scarcity (prior to the session)
2.  Shoot real life scenarios vs. a list of poses
3.  Create partnerships with local businesses as a marketing strategy

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