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Episode 471: How To Take Advantage of Lulls in Business: Chris Evans

Experiencing down time in your business doesn’t have to result in stress or worry. Being proactive during those lulls can be game changing! In episode 471 of The Bokeh Podcast, Chris Evans takes us on his journey of experiencing a positive shift while running his business during a slow season. Listen in as he shares his strategies for leveraging extra time to move his business forward, as well as steps that you can take now to be prepared for the next lull.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience:  (1:27)3 tenants in all areas of Chris’s business: Style, Grace, and Gratitude 

Delegation: Honeybook for CRM (7:03)

Significance of Reflection: (14:04)

Steps to Proactively Establish Your Business Financially to Prepare for a Downturn: (18:15)

1.  Setting up multiple bank accounts for expenses
2.  Structure your business as an S Corporation
3.  Classify each purchase as a need or a want 

Book Recommendation: (18:31)Profit First by Michael Michalowicz

Key Principles for Going With the Flow: (25:30)

1. Embrace the “sliding doors” mentality
2. Use the time to learn new skills 

3 R’s for Leveraging Downtime: (38:19)

1. Reset
2. Relax
3. Recharge 


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