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Episode 472: How Personal Branding Trumped a Marketing Budget – Brittney

Marketing budgets are tight for new business owners, but what if you could bring in new clients without spending a dime on marketing?

In episode 472 of the Bokeh Podcast, Brittney shares how she leveraged personal branding to make $6K a month as a brand new, part-time photographer while spending $0 on marketing.  Listen in to hear her 5 strategies for booking clients without a marketing budget.

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Show Notes

Brand Position:  (5:41)
Helping female entrepreneurs grow their business and brand through strategic brand photography that captures their authenticity and authority in their industry.

Client Experience:  (14:44) Clear communication and setting expectations are crucial to an enjoyable and successful experience.

Outsourcing/Delegation: Website and Editing (25:21)

Book Recommendations: (29:12)
The Defining Decade: Why Your 20’s Matter by Meg Jay

Biggest lessons  learned from starting a business in her 20’s (33:24)

Mindset shift from victim to  victor through self development  (37:15)

What is personal branding? (47:31)

5 ways to book clients without a marketing budget: (49:05)
1. Show your face and show up on social media
2. Use yourself and your own success as an example
3. Give expert advice and inspirational content ahead of time
4. Networking
5. Creating an online community

Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller