Episode 584: How to Prepare to Outsource Anything – Rebecca Jones

You can only grow a business so much when you’re doing all the work yourself, but delegating editing, album design, administrative tasks – or anything else – can be super stressful! Listen in to this important episode as Rebecca Jones shares 4 important steps photographers should take for a successful outsourcing or hiring experience!

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Show Notes:

Rebecca’s Intro and Business Information (2:25)

Why is there a tendency for photographers to not consider organization and structure? (4:45)

Why is there hesitation to outsource and delegate tasks? (7:05)

How can we change our mindset of needing to have control so that we can outsource? (9:11)

What to consider before outsourcing or hiring in your business (11:40)
1. Determine your business goals
2. Evaluate what you want to outsource
3. Have clear systems set up prior to outsourcing
4. Leverage technology by using project management tools