Episode 585: How to CREATE Work-Life Balance – Jenna Henderson

Do you want a better work-life balance? It’s not going to happen automatically! Listen in to this conversation with Jenna Henderson as we talk about specific ways to go about CREATING the freedom and flexibility that we all want as business owners!

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Show Notes:

Jenna’s Introduction (1:45)

Why do photographers tend to associate their identity with their work? (3:20)

What does work-life balance actually mean? (5:15)

4 big ideas for creating work-life balance (11:58)
1. Establish values and vision
2. Establish clarity in numbers
3. Set boundaries
4. Including white space on your calendar

How did Jenna learn how to understand the numbers in her business? (19:22)

How can we avoid FOMO when we set boundaries? (22:38)