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Episode 532: How to Implement Long-Form Portrait Sessions – Rachel Larsen Weaver

Slowing down and truly being present with clients can lead to beautiful, real-life images being captured.  Implementing long-form sessions into your business can help you do just that.

In episode 532 of The Bokeh Podcast, Rachel Larsen Weaver takes us on the journey of her long-form sessions, and explains why this format works for her business. Listen in as she shares how she uses film and everyday messy life to document the true art that is the life of her clients.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:08)

Inspiration for Rachel’s photographic style (13:08)
Immediate Family by Sally Mann
At 12 by Sally Mann

Creating a great customer experience (16:13)

Technique for time management (24:02)

Outsourcing/Delegation (27:13)

Book Recommendation (34:42)
Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Background of Rachel’s transition to long-form sessions (39:08)

“Worry less about creating the perfect image and instead strive for the honest one”  (45:44)

What a long-form session looks like with Rachel (50:15)

How many rolls of film are shot in a session? (54:47)

Rachel’s Go-To Equipment (55:40)