Episode 533: How Outsourcing Made Me More Profitable – Danielle Blewitt

We’ve all heard the quote, “Time is more valuable than money.” But how often do we hold on to tasks and processes that take a lot of our time, only to “save” a little bit of money? Are we actually saving money in the end?

Danielle Blewitt found that through outsourcing her editing, she not only saved countless hours of time, but was more profitable because of it! Listen in to episode 533 of The Bokeh Podcast to hear what she learned by outsourcing that ultimately helped to grow her business. Don’t miss the tips she shares for how to have the best experience, and how to overcome initial apprehensions most photographers have about outsourcing.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (4:21)

Creating a great customer experience (18:39)

Technique for time management (25:30)

Book Recommendation (33:03)
Donald Miller’s Business Books
Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

When did Danielle begin outsourcing? (39:07)

Initial apprehensions of photographers when considering outsourcing (40:15)
1. Cost
2. Losing “control” of their style

How much time did Danielle spend editing her own images? (47:05)

How did outsourcing editing shift other areas of business for Danielle? (51:00)

What was Danielle’s revenue increase after outsourcing editing? (51:54)

Why is communication so important when working with an editor? (59:47)

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