Episode 531: How to Create and Manage a Portrait Membership – Annemie Tonken

How many memberships or subscriptions do you have as an individual? But have you considered offering a membership to your clients so that they feel like they are part of a “team” or exclusive group?

Consider the benefits: consistent income, minimal education needed after the first session, easy add-ons, and more! In episode 531 of the Bokeh Podcast, Annemie Tonken walks us through her process of running a portrait membership for clients. Listen in to hear steps and must-haves for starting the membership, as well as tips for how to effectively maintain and grow the membership.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:07)

Book Recommendation (15:10)
Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed
Scary Close by Donald Miller
Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

Creating a great customer experience (17:50)

Technique for time management (21:32)
Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner

Outsourcing/Delegation (around 22:52)

What exactly is a portrait membership? (25:30)

What is the pricing structure of the portrait membership? (27:43)

Potential drawbacks to running a portrait membership (32:56)

How to get started with a portrait membership (36:43)
1. Plan, plan, plan!
2. Implement legally appropriate contracts
3. Set up key technical functionality (self-scheduling, automatic billing)

Key ideas for managing the portrait membership (55:04)
1. Clear and consistent communication is key!
2. Take care of your members! (locked-in pricing, easily accessible galleries, surprises!)

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