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Episode 604: How to Hyper-Nice for Success – Gary Pope

Do you want to stand out amongst the mass of photographers in your marketplace and book more clients? It’s time to focus on a niche! Listen to photographer Gary Pope’s advice in this episode to learn how to build your business with a hyper-niche!

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Show Notes:

Gary’s introduction and explanation of his business’s brand position (2:31)

What did Gary’s business look like before he re-branded to his current brand? (10:28)

How does Gary define “hyper-niching”? (14:35)

How can photographers avoid the common feeling of FOMO when hyper-niching? (22:05)

5 steps to take to hyper-nice your business (29:32)
1. Make an avatar of your ideal client
2. Verify the market viability
3. Identify the pain points of your ideal client
4. Present solutions to the client’s pain points
5. Be clear in your messaging