Episode 627: How to Get Reviews for Your Business – Misha Guseynov

One of our most valuable sources of business is referrals, and referral business is largely driven by customer reviews! Misha Guseynov is a successful, Miami-based wedding photographer who has amassed over 500 reviews in less than 3 years! He is joining us to share his strategy so you can increase the number of public reviews you’re getting from your clients, and grow your business as a result!

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Show Notes:

How does Misha run a successful business yet still have time for himself? (3:20)

Which platforms does Misha get the majority of his reviews on? (11:20)

How customer experience drives positive reviews (16:47)
1. Communication
2. Quality

How does Misha encourage clients to share reviews? (26:35)
1. Expectations management
2. Reminders

How do you handle a negative review? (32:07)

How can photographers leverage their reviews to get more clients? (39:50)