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Episode 300: Healing Through Photography – Tosha Gaines

Are you looking for ways to use your photography business to make a positive emotional impact on your clients?

In episode 298 of the Bokeh Podcast, Tosha Gaines provides an inside look at her therapeutic photo sessions—connecting clients with their emotions. Listen in as she shares how to listen and engage on a deeper level with your clients, in order to pull their raw emotion into the camera.

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Show Notes

Based in: Birmingham & Atlanta (1:45)

Brand Position: Commercial, Lifestyle, and Branding Portraits (2:00)

Advice for Photographers: Believe in yourself. (10:30)

Technique for Time: When working events, I’ll ask for media credentials for my kids so they can come with me. Starting to outsource. (15:16)

Content Recommendations: (20:12)
Gifts to My Future Self
Focus(ed) – cinnamonwolfe.co/focusedpodcast
Goal Digger – goaldiggerpodcast.com

The Gear Bag: Taffy and a card from her dad (21:36)

The Semicolon Project (32:04)

Engaging on a Deep Level with Clients (33:18)

Benefits Clients Have Seen from Therapeutic Photography: (38:10)
Grief has no time-frame.
It’s ok to be emotional openly.

How to Bring Emotional Healing to Your Subjects:(42:31)
1. Don’t be judgmental.
2. Be an active listener.
3. Be empathetic.

Empathy: Understanding and entering into another’s feelings. (53:01)

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