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Episode 299: Practical Steps to Evolving Your Editing Style – Nick Brimmer

Are you ready to redefine your editing style, but get easily distracted by the variety of inspiration you see from other photographers?

In episode 299 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nick Brimmer shares five practical steps to  evolve your editing style and how to approach social media scrolling to avoid self-doubt. Plus, Nick and Nathan chat about their personal journeys with fitness and health.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Authentic, beautiful wedding photography with exceptional service to leave you glowing about your day. (5:47)

“People don’t remember your product as much as they remember how they feel about your product.” (12:30)

Advice for Photographers: You cannot manage what you do not measure. (23:04)

Understanding Your Numbers: Calculate your base level of income required to succeed. (25:33)

Technique for Time: Focus and eliminate distractions. (28:05)

Book Recommendation: (32:02)
Consistent Cashflow by Tom Palzawicz – bit.ly/bp-consistentcashflow
So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport – bit.ly/bp-sogoodtheycantignore

The Gear Bag: Fractal Prisms – getfractals.com (35:24)

Fitness Book Recommendation: Bigger Leaner Stronger by Mike Matthews  – bit.ly/bp-biggerleanerstronger (37:06)

My Fitness Pal App (49:19)

The Impact of Instagram Scrolling (51:16)
1. Surface Level Thought – I’m mad that this person is better than me; I feel bad about myself.
2. Deeper Thought – Is it the photographer’s fault that you feel bad?

Owning Your Responsibility: (52:33)
1. Take a step back and consider why you feel the way you feel/
2. Understand the insecurity in yourself.
3. Find a way to improve yourself.

Defining Editing Style: A consistent set of preferred editing choices across a portfolio that reflects an artist’s unique preference or style. (59:38)

“The consistency of your editing is always in the opacity of your blacks.” (1:02:35)

Influential Photographers to Nick: (1:07:10)
Jordan Daniels
Olivia Strohm

Evolving Your Editing Style:
1. Don’t take other people’s work personally.
2. Pull images you love and create a portfolio of images in dropbox.
3. Review the images and try matching the editing style.
4. Create the time to develop skills that you desire to have.
5. Show up to everything prepared with creative direction.

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