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Episode 438: How I Developed My Style – Jenny Losee

Your photography style can define so much of what you become in your photography business.

In episode 438 of the Bokeh Podcast, we’re joined by Jenny Losee to discuss her approach to a session, along with how it impacts her style of photography. Listen in as Jenny shares how she got started in photography and came to develop her own unique style of photography.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Capture the beauty of living in natural art. Natural, organic photography inspired by nature and emotion. (2:19)

Client Experience: Communication, Planning, & Fine Tuning (3:35)

Technique for Time: Working during baby’s morning nap times. (11:17)

Book Recommendations: (15:05)
A New Earth
The Untethered Soul


How Jenny Got Started (18:50)

How Jenny Developed Her Style (32:36)
1. Communication with clients.
2. Pre-plan meditation and visioning process.
3. Create a game plan onsite early.
4. Editing film and digital side by side.

Avoiding the Paparazzi Photographer (34:20)

The Editing Process for Film vs. Digital (36:21)

Photo Vision