Episode 439: How to Design an Effective Google Ad Campaign – Yaneck Wasio

We’ve talked about the variety of ways you can advertise and market your photography business on the Bokeh Podcast. We’ve even shared how to set up Google Ad Campaigns in previous episodes,.

In today’s episode, our special guest, Yaneck Wasio, joins us for another episode to share how to design an effective Google Ad Campaign that converts! Listen in as he guides us through 5 principals to a strong ad campaign!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Actively listen (5:08)

Getting Started with Google Ads (8:44)

Advantages of Google Ads (10:51)
– Your audience is actively searching for your services.

Disadvantages to Google Ads (13:28)
– They can be more expensive than FB Ads

Google Search vs Google Display Ads (13:50)

5 Principals of a Strong Google Ad Campaign (20:31)
1. Keywords
2. Ad Copy
3. Monitoring
4. Landing Page
5. Email & Communication Follow Up

Keywords (21:21)
Broad Terms
Negative Keywords

Writing Good Copy for Ads (27:14)

Adwords Campaign Structure (27:53)
Campaigns > Ad Sets > Ads

Monitoring Ads (34:07)
1. Keyword Monitoring
2. Ad Performance
3. Google Ads w/ Google Analytics

Setting Goals (37:46)

Landing Pages (41:42)

Follow Up via Email (47:08)

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