Episode 444: CRM’s: Get Booked With Ease! – Colie James

Do you struggle to turn your inquiries into paying clients? Implementing a simple booking workflow in your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) could increase your bookings while improving your overall client communication.

In episode 444 of the Bokeh Podcast, Colie James joins us to share how she uses her CRM to not only book the clients, but create consistent communication from inquiry to final delivery. Listen in as she walks us through her automated workflow setup in Dubsado.

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Show Notes

Get to Know Colie (3:13)

Brand Position: Photos and films to family members in an experience that no one whines about. (5:26)

Client Experience: You have to deliver what you have promised. (10:56)

Time Technique (16:20)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing and CRMs (22:01)

Outsourcing Editing (26:42)
1. Have a clear way of how you edit
2. Communicate your editing
3. Provide valuable feedback.

Podcast Recommendations (30:42)
The Bokeh Podcast
This Can’t be that Hard
The Break Through Brand by Elizabeth

CRM – Customer Relationship Manager (35:56)

CRM’s Colie has used: (36:55)
Tave (Owned by Shootproof)

3 Ways Using a CRM Enables Easier Booking
1. Lead Capture Form
2. Templated Emails Easily Accessible
3. The Booking Process & Payment

Automated Booking Workflow (43:52)
– Confirmation Email with Date and Details
– Detailed questionnaire
– Email just before session confirming
– Email after the session with a sneak peak and model release

Colie’s Lead Capture Form Sample:

The Photo Cookout
Showit United
A Love Portrait
The E-myth Revisited
Episode 209 w/ Laura Neff