Episode 445: Portraits of Loss, Love and Motherhood – Martha Swann-Quinn

As an entrepreneur, it’s not often that we hear conversations around how to prepare for pregnancy, motherhood, and even loss.

Martha Swann-Quinn joins us to share how she started her personal project, Portraits of Loss, Love and Motherhood, to bring awareness and community to those who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Listen to episode 445 as Martha shares how she experienced two miscarriages of her own after starting this project, and highlights how she navigated these losses while continuing to photograph weddings and families too.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Capturing love and life and making memories last for generations to come. (2:17)

Client Experience: Looking at your clients and treating them as people first. (7:09)

Technique for Time: Be intentional with your time. (12:28)

Delegation: Accounting, legal work, and editing. (14:02)

Book Recommendations: (16:04)
Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller
Art & Fear

Go-To Lenses (22:23)
50mm & 85mm

“1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage”

“1 in 100 babies are stillborn”

Portraits of Loss, Love and Motherhood
The Blog
Loss, Love & Motherhood Book

The Importance of an Emergency Fund (41:01)

Knowing What it Costs to Run Your Business (42:59)

Cutting Costs that aren’t Essential. (43:37)

Sharing About Pregnancy (45:10)

Approaching Pregnancy as an Entrepreneur (50:51)
1. Talk with your doctor.
2. Review your contracts with your lawyer to ensure you’re covered.
3. Think through how you want to handle announcing/sharing your pregnancy.
4. Consider delegating and outsourcing tasks (assistants, virtual assistant, editing).
5. Check in with your CPA about your finances.

Working with Other Photographers (57:56)

Vetting Photographers for Your Brand (1:01:50)

Communicating Outsourcing (1:10:04)

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