Episode 327: The Importance of Creative Play – Olivia Vale

Do you struggle with finding a balance between the two ideas of “play” and “work” in your photography business

In episode 327 of the Bokeh Podcast, Olivia Vale of Photo Fantastico shares how photographers who find themselves burning out should look to find joy in their work through playful exercises. Listen in as she explains how “work” and “play” don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and provides three prompts to get creative today.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Spend 30 minutes a day sitting and thinking without meditating. (30:22)

Content Recommendations: Stuart Brown’s Ted Talk: Play is more than just fun – bit.ly/bp-playmorefun (36:11)

The Gear Bag: Granola Bars – bit.ly/bp-naturevalley (38:36)

Before Incorporating Play: Sacrificing personal life for business. (41:35)

Creative Experiments from Photo Fantastico: (52:39)
1. Take a photo of the most interesting thing in the room in the most interesting way.
2. Take a photo of a color that speaks to your soul and look at it for a full minute.
3. Take 5 selfies in 5 minutes in radically different ways.

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