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Episode 328: How to Do Business with High-End Planners – Courtney Wolf & Julie Bunkley

Are you trying to serve high-net-worth clients, but haven’t found a way to move your business into the high-end wedding market?

In episode 328 of the Bokeh Podcast, Courtney and Julie of Invision Events discuss how high-end wedding planners typically approach building relationships with other vendors. Join them as they define what high-end weddings mean to them, and how they best serve their couples.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Boutique wedding planner and designer who work together to serve a high-end, refined & tailored clientele.(2:53)

Advice for Photographers: (14:55)
Julie – Everything you do in business is a long game.
Courtney – You’re in a service-based industry where you have to be flexible

Technique for Time: (20:38)
Julie – Work is always going to be there, so you need to stop feeling guilty when you take time for yourself.
Courtney – Keep a todo list to organize your work.

Book Recommendations: (27:26)
Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell – bit.ly/bp-tipping-point
Tribes by Seth Godin – bit.ly/bp-tribes
The Wedding Biz Podcast by Andy Kushner – theweddingbiz.com
The Wedding Biz Podcast by Andy Kushner – theweddingbiz.com
Becoming Michelle Obama – http://bit.ly/bp-becomingmichelle
Marie Antoinette – bit.ly/bp-marieantoinette

Defining High-End or High-Net-Worth Clients: Incorporating an extension of their lifestyle in their wedding to create an experience for their guests. (33:23)

How to Connect with High-End Wedding Planners: (42:59)
1. Have a shared experience with them. Ex: Industry events.
2. Reach out to join their team for a day to understand how they best serve their clients.
3. Create a lasting impression by learning how to see someone.

The Biggest Takeaway: (55:42)
Planners don’t always hold all of the keys to all of the clients.

Vero by Kelly Berry – bit.ly/bp-vero