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Episode 326: How to Do $20k in One Month – Chad DiBlasio

Have you been working to achieve high sales goals for your business, but haven’t been able to attain them?

In episode 326 of the Bokeh Podcast, Chad DiBlasio joins us to discuss how he used a value-based sales tactic to hit more than $20k in revenue in one month. Listen in as he highlights the motivation behind his goals, the psychology behind what motivates your clients to purchase, and how you can find success in this approach.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Your life exactly how you pictured it.

Advice for Photographers: Know what actually matters (7:44)

Technique for Time: Diligent in creating a life that encourages kids to do anything they’re capable of. (19:21)

Book Recommendations: (29:39)
The Bible
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – bit.ly/bp-psycho-cybernetics
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** – bit.ly/bp-notgivinganf
Untethered Soul – bit.ly/bp-untethered

The Gear Bag: Large Crystal Prism – bit.ly/bp-long-prism (35:31)

Selling $20k in One Month (41:50)

The Dog Maternity Session (42:24)

The Motivation Behind a $20K/Month Sales Goal (49:10)

Value Based Sales Approach: Giving them something that is worth more than the money they have to trade to get it. (50:26)

Getting Started in this Approach to Sales: Ask questions of your clients to better understand their needs. (1:02:29)

Episode 7 with Chad – bit.ly/bp-7
Biblical Success Secrets with Myron Golden – bit.ly/bp-biblicalsuccesssecrets
From the Trashman to the Cashman by Myron Golden – bit.ly/bp-trashmantocashman
Wealthy Photographer with Megan Keuthen
Drive by Daniel Pink – bit.ly/bp-drive
ReAwaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins – bit.ly/bp-reawaken