Episode 463: How to Create a Sitemap for Your Website – Meghan Baskin

Is your website content easy to navigate, while also providing the details and information that your potential clients are looking for? Ensuring your website is serving it’s purpose begins with outlining your sitemap.

In episode 463 of the Bokeh Podcast, Meghan Baskin of Baskin Co joins us to discuss the importance of building a strong sitemap for your website by ensuring it supports the goal of your website! Listen in as she explains how you can improve and rebuild your existing sitemap!

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Show Notes

Business Backstory: Philadelphia Wedding Photographer transitioning into Web Design and Branding Agency for Photographers (1:31)

Brand Position: Elevate your business with strategy forward website design that connects with your ideal clients. (1:53)

Customer Experience (5:11)

Technique for Time (7:31)

Delegating/Outsourcing (16:10)

Book Recommendations: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay (29:37)

The Purpose of Your Website (32:20)
1. Show Work
2. Share Experience
3. Invite to Connect

What is a sitemap? (35:56)
The blueprint of your website. The hierarchy of the content and pages of the site.

Tying Your Sitemap to Your Website’s Purpose (36:21)

Layout Out Your Site Map with Miro.com (38:14)

Steps to Improve Your Sitemap (44:55)
1. Evaluate – Is it easy to navigate for each type of client?
2. Establish Goals – Does your website take them on a journey?
3. List out improvements you want to make.

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