Episode 462: How to Use Clubhouse – Devin Robinson

Whether you’ve been lurking in Clubhouse rooms for a while or just hesitant to download the app, there is an opportunity to learn and grow on this trending social media platform.

In episode 462 of the Bokeh Podcast, Devin Robinson joins us to discuss the pros and cons of Clubhouse, along with how to use it in your business. Listen in as he shares what his experience has been on the app over the last two months!

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Show Notes

Integrity in Business (4:47)

What is Clubhouse? (12:39)

Managing Time Around Clubhouse (29:14)

Selecting Educators in Your Room & Good Moderation (34:16)

Long Game in Clubhouse (41:20)
1. Resources & Sales
2. Vendor Relationships

Hope for Photographers on Clubhouse (45:34)
Find the right group of people to hang out with

Searchable Bios on Clubhouse (47:44)

Grab Your .club Domain (49:25)

Clubhouse: @devinrobinson
Parks & Rec