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Episode 413: Content Creation for Your Pinterest Strategy – Kristen Krehbiel

Does your Pinterest content planning lack strategy and organization?

In episode 413 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kristen Krehbiel joins us to share her process to creating and planning content that has led to 1.4 million monthly viewers on Pinterest. Listen in as she highlights the tools, analytics, and trends you should be considering when creating content for Pinterest!

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Brand Position: In the beginning phases of this process. (2:14)

Client Experience: Communication, Understanding Needs & Being Kind (11:17)

Delegating/Outsourcing: Taxes, Branding, and Web Design (14:49)

Inspiration: Nature, Floral Arrangements, and Mid-Century Modern Design (19:24)

Content Recommendations: (24:07)
Podcasts and Online Courses
Tailwind Pinterest Content –

Pinterest Reach: 1.4 Million

Website Analytics: 95% of social network traffic is from Pinterest

Using Trends to Write Blog Content (36:39)

Kristen’s Pinterest Schedule/Commitment (42:22)

Using Tailwind (43:38)

Tailwind Tribes (44:35)

Pinterest & Tailwind Analytics (48:13)

Pinterest Tips (51:11)
1. Emphasis on fresh content.
2. Pin to the most relevant board first.
3. Repin and share to other boards.
4. Review insights/notification and follow your those who are pinning for wedding planning.
5. Pin vertical images.

Shares Davenport’s Episode –