Episode 412: How Prioritizing Family Makes You a Better Photographer – Benjamin Clifford

Does finding a work/life balance as a photographer intimidate you? We often believe that putting too much focus on one will cause the other to suffer.

In episode 412 of the Bokeh Podcast, Benjamin Clifford shares how he decided to start prioritizing his family over his business and how that shift made him a better photographer. Listen in as he shares how you can avoid sacrificing your business by creating routines, encouraging communication, and prioritizing to your family.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Intimate elopement photography. (1:45)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing, SEO, then split the responsibilities between partners.

Book Recommendations: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (20:56)

Prioritizing Family (26:35)

Communication (31:30)

Principles for Prioritizing Family (34:32)
1. Morning and evening routines
2. Create open communication with those you love.
3. Create small pockets of moments in your day to show that you value the other person.

Ways Prioritizing Family Makes You a Better Photographer (48:14)
1. Improved time management skills.
2. It clears out the less important stuff to focus on.

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