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Episode 264: Communicating Your Brand Position to Your Clients – Mike Morby

Are you effectively communicating your unique brand position to your clients? Have you determined what sets you apart in your market?

In episode 264 of the Bokeh Podcast, Mike Morby joins us to discuss the importance of creating a unique brand position with valuable differentiators for your business. Listen in as he shares how you can assess your brand position and approach the communication of your position to your clients.

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Show Notes

Advice for Photographers: Building a sustainable business takes time. (1:56)

Book Recommendations: (17:17)
Built to Last – bit.ly/bp-builttolast
Building a Storybrand – bit.ly/bp-storybrand
Ego is the Enemy – bit.ly/bp-egoistheenemy

The Gear Bag: Snacks and Magnetmod.com Gear (20:46)

Brand Position: Mike wants to be known for his use of light, all day wedding coverage, easy to work with, response time, wedding day expert, handles any situation, creativity, and a non-intrusive approach. (33:51)

Determine Your Brand Position: (36:05)
– Review Your Experience with Other Businesses
– Figure Out What You Care About In Your Business & Life
– Assess the Market, But Don’t Pay Too Close Attention
– Determine Your Values

Negative Effects of Paying Too Close Attention to the Market: (39:01)
– Undervaluing Yourself
– Doing the Opposite of What Everyone Else is Doing

Communicating Your Brand Position: (49:26)
Look at the touchpoint in your client interactions, and ask what you can do to implement your differentiators into each touchpoint. Does everything you’re doing support your brand?

Potential Client Touchpoint: (49:26)
– They hear about you.
– They visit your website.
– They contact you.
– You respond.
– Set up consultation.
– They book you.
– And so on.


Four Hour Work Week – bit.ly/bp-4hr
Kindle – bit.ly/bp-kindle
Libby – meet.libbyapp.com
The E-Myth Revisited – bit.ly/emyth-revisited