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Episode 265: Leveraging Automation to Maintain Work/Life Balance – Dave Shay

Have you created systems in your business that allow you to focus more on your life and less on business?

In episode 265 of the Bokeh Podcast, Dave Shay discusses how automation can help you maintain a better work/life balance by eliminating tasks you are constantly repeating. Listen in as he shares the three important questions you should ask yourself to determine if the work you’re doing needs to be automated!

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Show Notes

Based out of: Raleigh, NC

The Brand Position/Mission: I’m not the “anything to get the shot” person, because I’m making sure to not distract the couple from their wedding day. I’m here to help couples make their marriages last longer. (8:36)

Advice for Photographers: Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. (13:27)

Brenizer Stitch: Taking a portrait lens and turning it into a landscape by taking 80-90 frames and stitching them together. This keeps the depth of field, but includes the rest of the scene. bit.ly/bp-brenizer (17:20)

Book Recommendations: (23:00)
4 Hour Work Week – bit.ly/bp-4hr
The Power of Habit – bit.ly/bp-powerofhabit

The Gear Bag: Kirkland Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (27:45)

Three Questions to Determine Automation: (36:46)
1. Have I done this more than once?
2. Is sending this manually worth the time for me?
3. If I forget to send this, is my client going to be more frustrated than if I send it on time and it’s just not as personalized?

Automated Elements of Business: (39:11)
1. Emails
2. Blogging
3. Post-Wedding Referral Request & Up-sell