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Episode 353: When Business Slows Down – David & Whitney Scott

Has your business been impacted by unexpected slower seasons?

In episode 353 of the Bokeh Podcast, David and Whitney Scott join us to open up about their experience in business after the Joplin Tornado Tragedy, along with how the impacts are similar to what they’re experiencing with COVID-19. Listen in as they share steps you can take to still serve your clients and community, even when your business slows down.

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Show Notes

Based in: Northwest Arkansas (2:07)

Client Experience: Present yourself as an equal. (5:17)

Brand Position: Fun, generous, and expensive. (10:55)

Technique for Time: Limiting themselves to 1-2 clients per week. (17:33)

Delegating Your Work: Accounting and Projects (24:00)

Book Recommendations: (32:15)
4 Hour Work Week – bit.ly/bp-4hr
A Real Life by Ferenc Máté – bit.ly/bp-areallife


The Joplin Tornado Tragedy (37:38)

The Importance of Giving Back to the Community (46:55)

When Business Slows Down: (51:00)
1. Look for ways to serve the community at large.
2. Be intentional with your plan as a business to make improvements on your business.
3. Work on the relationships with your clients.

Tip: Support small businesses by purchasing gifts for your clients; this also shows your clients that you’re thinking of them during this time.

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