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Episode 354: How to Serve Your Clients Amidst Fearful Times – Taylor Ford

Are you taking care of your clients during the fearful times surrounding COVID-19?

In episode 354 of the Bokeh Podcast, Taylor Ford joins us to share how she has made it a priority to serve her couples who are dealing with rescheduling or postponing their wedding right now. Listen in as she shares her proactive approach to being a pillar of strength for her couples who are being impacted by COVID-19.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Education & Expectations – Guide and show your clients what they need while listening to what they want. (2:55)

Brand Position: Timeless, Genuine, & Fun // The way photos should be. (6:44)

Delegation: (15:25)
House Cleaning

Inspiration: Magazines and Traveling and Cooking (18:35)

Book Recommendations: Big Magic – bit.ly/bp-bigmagic (22:22)


Taylor’s Reaction to COVID-19: Stay positive for couples without making them nervous. (29:20)

Three Ways to Serve Your Clients
1. Community – Create a facebook group for your couples.
2. Gifting – Send them a Starbucks gift card.
3. Time – Offering your services that don’t cost you out of pocket.

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