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Episode 386: My #1 Principle for Building a Successful Business – Aaron Nace

Have you implemented distinct principles in your business that have importance and value in your life, but also make an impact on how you serve your customers?

In episode 386 of the Bokeh Podcast, Aaron Nace  joins us to discuss his most important principle when it comes to customer service at Phlearn, and how valuable your approach can be to the success of your business.

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Customer Experience: Consistency (2:42)

Brand Position: Accessible photographic education; learning made fun. (7:24)

Technique for Time: Adjust your work schedule based on the time of year. (15:07)

Delegation: Build a team you can trust to run your business. (21:37)

Inspiration: Everywhere except the photography industry. (28:24)

Book Recommendation:  Rework by Jason & David – (36:54)

Learning the Business (41:29)

Biggest Business Mistake: Failing to plan things out. (50:00)

#1 Principal for Business: Treat everyone to be treated the same, from employees to clients (55:24)

Nathan’s 8 Core Values: (1:03:59)

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