Episode 385: How to Help Your Clients Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera – Ashley Baumgartner

Are offering an environment that creates comfort for your clients in front of the camera during their session?

In episode 385 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ashley Baumgartner joins us to discuss how creating comfortable sessions allows clients to photograph with more ease. Listen in as she shares 4 ways you can help your clients feel comfortable with you as their photographer!

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Uplifting communication (00:51)

Brand Position: Joyful, timeless images with an attention to detail. (5:02)

Technique for Time: Small changes with batch working, turning off notification on your phone, getting ready everyday, and setting aside on day a week for you. (11:16)

Delegating/Outsourcing: Outsource editing, taxes, adding automation, and podcast editing. (14:37)

Inspiration: Wedding fashion, calligraphy, mastermind, and content consumption. (19:21)

Book Recommendation: 168 Hours – bit.ly/bp-168hours (22:19)

Making Your Client’s Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera (26:26)
1. Be encouraging, uplifting in communications from the beginning.
2. Personal branding to make your clients feel comfortable with you.
3. Constant communication during your session.
4. Confident control