Episode 29: Community: How It Strengthens a Photography Business – Andrew Barlow

There is strength in numbers. Just ask Andrew Barlow, who manages Shoot and Share, a photography community of over 30,000! In this Bokeh podcast episode, Andrew explains what it takes to create a real community, how community engagement can help build your business, and why personal success doesn’t always equate with personal fulfillment.

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Show Notes

About Andrew and his family. [01:28]

How Andrew got started working with the photography community. [02:51]

Why empathy is important in community. [05:15]

How the Shoot & Share community got started. [06:11]

Creating a safe place for photographers to communicate. [08:31]

What you need to be a value part of a true community. [10:58]

How contributing to a community helps your business grow. [14:35]

Communities photographers can get involved in. [20:07]

Why remembering your priorities is important. [25:46]

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