Episode 28: The Key to a Long and Successful Photography Career – Luke Edmonson

What if someone told you that the key to the longevity of a photography career wasn’t about the art of photography? In this Bokeh podcast episode, Luke Edmonson shares how he found his own path in photography, his perspective on working with family members, and the big idea that has enabled a legacy of successful family of photographers.

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Show Notes

Tell us a little about yourself (1:36)
Where does the wonderful connection with your photographer father come from? (3:10)
Tell us about your family (7:56)
How has having kids affected your photography career? (10:10)
A practical approach to relationships and marriage (12:36)
How do you create a career with longevity? (15:45)
How do you balance the business of running a photography company, while maintaining a creative outlet? (20:20)
How can photographers find you online? (28:44)

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