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Episode 215: Workflow Wednesday: Creating a Personalized Experience for Your Couples – Ryn Loren, Nathan, Haylee, Heather, & Rich

Are you creating a personalized experience for your couples that begins the moment they inquire with you?

In episode 215 of Bokeh Podcast, our hosts and special guest, Ryn Loren discuss how you can make small adjustments to your workflow to create a unique and personalized experience for your clients! Listen in as Ryn walks through how she approaches her sessions, the personal touches she puts on her experience, and how she connects with her clients on Instagram!

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Show Notes


January’s Workflow Wednesday Theme: Client Experience

The Inquiry Form
1. Include a scale of readiness that’s personalized to your interests to understand how invested your potential client already is in you!
2. Allow your potential client to ramble on with details about their love story.
3. Pose a question that highlights your client’s favorite type of gift.

Connecting with Clients
To better connect with clients, Ryn likes to go out for drinks before the session to really get to know the clients! This helps them feel comfortable when she asks them to do funny prompts, like waffle and jello.