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Episode 124: More Business Through A Better Website Funnel – Paige Vaughn and Amanda Csakan

Are you losing potential customers on your website? Do you see plenty of traffic in your analytics, yet visitors continue to fall off without converting?

In episode 124 of the Bokeh Podcast, Paige Vaughn and Amanda Csakan share how building funnels on your website can impact client experience and conversion. Listen as they provide tips on how to create better funnels and what to avoid when building them.

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Show Notes

Paige’s Aha Moment: Stay in your swim lane and don’t compare yourself to other entrepreneurs.

Amanda’s Aha Moment: It’s important to figure out who you want to serve and what will meet their needs. This allows you to define your messaging.

Amanda’s Technique for Time: Pomodoro Technique – Breaking tasks down into 20-25 minutes of focused time separated by 3-5minute breaks.

Paige’s Technique for Time: When you approach your business, really prioritize the 2-3 talents that you are the best at and outsource the rest.

Amanda’s Brand Position: Helping photographers and wedding creatives build brands that reflect who they are and what that stand for while attracting the clients they love working with..

Paige’s Brand Position: Wedding photographer for fun, easygoing, joyful couples in love.

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.2L

Tips for Creating Funnels for Your Website:
1. Keep your CTAs to a minimum and as clear as possible.
2. Using your website as a content resource will keep users interested in your website and sign up for your eNewsletter. Capturing their emails allows you to keep in contact with them even if social platforms disappear.

How You’re Hurting Your Website Funnels
1. There are too many Call-to-Actions on a Homepage or there are none. You should have no more than 3-5 CTAs.
2. Photographers jump straight into talking about themselves without talking about their service or the opposite and they’re not talking about themselves at all.
3. The “About” page isn’t speaking to your dream client.

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