Episode 122: Building a Website that Converts – Davey Jones

Do you struggle with turning website traffic into paying clients?

In episode 122 of the Bokeh Podcast, Davey Jones explains the importance in the design of your website and how you could be converting more clients. Listen as he shares the biggest mistakes you may be making that are causing you to lose conversions.

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Show Notes

Davey’s Lesson Learned: Successes of past businesses don’t always follow you on new adventures and you have to remember the work that goes into building a new brand. You have to learn how to pivot and make small changes based on the results that you’re seeing.

“An interesting story is life minus all of the boring parts.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Brand Position: Helping creative service-based business owners build their brands, launch their websites, and expand their reach

Mistakes You’re Making On Your Website:
1. They design the website based on an outline you’ve planned out with pages for every item when they should be focusing on the flow and user experience of the website.
2. They’re blending galleries of different types of photography and events where they should be sharing galleries of individual events that allow clients to see not only a beautiful aesthetic, but an experience.
3. Oversharing is a common mistake; your site doesn’t need to give a potential client enough to not need to contact your or convert.
4. Creating contact forms on your website is great, but if you’re not offering an alternative way for someone to contact you (like an email address) or have asked too many questions, you’re losing potential inquiries.

“Make your about page about your ideal client instead of about you.”

Photographers Mentioned in this Episode: Jenna Kutcher

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